New Year, New Home


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January means different things to everyone. The “second half of winter” for some, a fresh start on a resolution, or a time of reflection for others. For three Digital Hyvers, this means getting acquainted with their new homes!


2019 will be the first year Emily Neveldine, Account Manager, Ashley Neal, Creative Project Manager, and Kylie Joyner, Content Marketer, live in their brand new homes in CNY! As first time home buyers, we asked these women what drove them to their decision and how digital marketing may have impacted their choices.


What made you decide on the homes you did?



“As cheesy at it sounds, my boyfriend and I looked at each other a few minutes into the tour and just knew. I was pretty speechless and had an overwhelming gut feeling that it was the right place for us. We could really see ourselves there both now and four years down the road as our family grows.”



“We had looked at quite a few homes before the one we have now, and by doing so we really learned what we wanted in a home–the things we absolutely couldn’t do without, like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms–and the things we could compromise on. When we did the first walk through and realized it had everything we wanted and more. The price was right, our offer was accepted, thank goodness, and the rest is history.”



“-Location — great location is so important! Also, the vibe of the house. Ours felt warm, inviting, and had a positive vibe. Finally, It met the list of things we were after (garage, backyard for the dog to play, etc.)”


What resources did you use to find your new home?


“Mostly our realtor and online realty sites.”



“Online resources were key here. During our search, we scoured online listing sites and I came across the house the first day it was listed. I fell in love with it immediately just from the photos. During our search, and even after we put our offer in, I also did online research so we’d be familiar with every step of the home buying process.”



“Online websites such as CNY Realtor and the MLS listings (access provided by my realtor). Our realtor helped guide us in our first home purchase. You need someone you can trust leading you in the right direction and we were able to find someone who was really helpful!”


As you started looking, did you get served ads relating to your previous searches?





“I definitely experienced a good amount of retargeting from and Zillow, and their ads began showing up more in my Facebook feed. I also began getting served ads from different banks and mortgage loan companies–including the bank we ultimately decided to go with for our loan.”



“Sure did! I definitely started being served retargeting ads and other ads related to new homes on the market as well as new home services.”


Do you feel digital marketing aided you in finding the home you did?


“Absolutely – our house was actually for sale by owner, so it wasn’t even in our realtor’s MLS system. Without digital marketing and online listings, we never would have found it!”



“I would say digital marketing definitely helped us find the bank we wanted to go with for our mortgage. Thanks to some good SEO, I also got great information in the search results when I was doing research on the home buying process. Seeing retargeting ads definitely kept the home search top of mind as well during the time we were looking.”



I don’t necessarily think it aided us in the process of finding a new home, however, I think I was a secondary influencer in our case. We came across our house on the MLS the day it was listed. The market is really hot right now and houses sell so quick. We saw the posting and our realtor took us to see it that afternoon. The rest is history!


As digital marketers, we are always thinking about how to reach the desired audience. Advertising in the realty industry is no different, whether it be to millennials, snowbirds, a growing family, etc.! The Digital Hyve works with CNYRealtor to find their desired audiences and reach their desired campaign goals. In order to do so, targeting is very important!


Digital Marketing Producer, Gabrielle Gleason, comments on how she best optimizes campaigns such as CNYRealtor’s and how she strategizes to produce conversations and solid results:

“Buying a house is one of the most important decisions of one’s life and at Digital Hyve, we take this into account throughout our creative plan. Our advertising approach saves the fluff and is straight to the point. While accompanied with great imagery from our graphic designers, it always consists of commonsensical elements that matter to people. These elements include: school district locations, open house times, realtor phone numbers, area tax history and more information that is truly useful to our audience.”


The Digital Hyve is no stranger to research when evaluating different markets and how our efforts can be best put to get measurable results for our clients! Interested in finding out more about our process, what we can do for your business, and the work that goes into executing successful campaigns? Contact us through our website or call us at 315- 412-0988.


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