Otesaga Hotel
increase room bookings

The Otesaga Resort Hotel teamed up with Digital Hyve in an effort to increase the number of bookings for their hotel specials. In August, we were able to do just that.

The Challenge

Our challenge was to create an ideal audience who would have the highest probability of booking hotel specials at The Otesaga Resort Hotel.

The Solution

Our approach was to create lookalike audiences with a strategy that would help drive conversions. As Facebook moved away from many behavioral targeting options, we pivoted and leveraged the other capabilities of Facebook Advertising. We created a lookalike audience from users on their website that clicked a “Book Now” button. This allowed us to identify people who were interested, enabling us to identify a low-funnel group of potential customers performing our desired action. We developed a conversion strategy and deployed a separate lookalike audience driving people to The Otesaga Resort Hotel website to book a stay.

The Result

By switching the conversion strategy in August 2018, there was a 224% increase in “Book Now” button clicks on the website MoM. This resulted in a 13% increase in sales for the month of August YoY. Additionally, from September 1st – 24th, using this same conversion approach, The Otesaga Resort Hotel had an 85% increase in YoY revenue.

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