Who We Are

We’re hard-wired (and wireless) digital marketers, who believe in developing measurable and meaningful brand-customer relationships. We fervently believe in standing by our ideals as marketers and as ambassadors for our clients’ brands.

Hyve isn’t just a cute spelling. Like everything we do, there’s meaning behind it. As a diverse crew of marketers, we draw on a wide variety of different backgrounds, histories and skill sets to drive our clients’ brands. Part of the Digital Hyve family is from Finland, and Hyve is a Finnish word meaning virtue. We believe in the virtue of the work we do, and partner with brands that share our ideals.

Our Co-Founders have radically different backgrounds and skill sets, which give our team and our agency an incredible flexibility and unique viewpoints. This helps us attack any digital marketing challenge head-on, at full speed, with clear minds and a passionate approach.