Nationally respected for his marketing tech savvy, Jake has taught SEO and other cutting edge strategies to thousands of people across the world. A former professional video gamer, he is constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s trending in digital marketing. Unlike most next-level thinkers, Jake has a strong commitment to teaching and sharing what he knows and helping others develop their skills.



While he eschews accolades, Jeff is a visionary marketer and leader who’s infectious attitude and approach to generating client success is one of the pillars of our agency. Raised on a skateboard and fueled by an obsession with client success, he brings style and integrity to everything he does, and never gives less than everything. Don’t be surprised to get a great idea in a 3am email from Jeff.



Helping to shape work places and nurture culture with companies ranging from start-ups to big brands, Sarah’s ability to read and interact with people at a personal level meshes well with her overall business acumen. Thoughtful in everything she does, her vision for business and personal growth keeps the Hyve humming. A dedicated mother with a great sense of style and a dynamic personality,
Sarah engages each situation in a way that provides solutions that fit perfectly. The world needs more Sarahs like ours.



A strong agency background and obsession with all things marketing make Matt a powerful ally for our brand partners. Blurring the line between his personal and marketing lives, Matt contributes globally to the Digital Hyve in creative, operational and interpersonal ways. A big fan of oysters,
holistic global thinking and a thirst to learn drive him to push our team and our clients forward.



She is a proud Oswego State Alumna with a firm grasp on what’s new and hot in the marketing world. A trusted resource for creating and executing digital strategies and tactics, Jessica has the stamina and a love for all things marketing. She loves working and thinking with purpose and enjoys optimized digital marketing and Shamrock shakes.



Rock Star Account Manager. Strategic Thinker. Patriot. There are many great titles you can give Aubrie, but none give the full picture of who she is and what she brings to her clients and Digital Hyve. Aubrie leads by example, she’s crafted industry leading strategies resulting in proven growth.  Aubrie doesn’t settle. She’s fierce, intelligent, funny and fights for the right thing, every time.



A genuine curiosity and a theatre background give Kylie a special filter that helps her create content and build strong followings for our clients. Living abroad and the courage to jump into challenges with both feet have made Kylie a must-have on any digital engagement. Humble and driven, her sense of adventure and willingness to get in the customer’s mindset make her a
one-of-a-kind marketer.



Born to be an account manager, Sarynna thrives in hectic situations, and loves to make sense of the madness. Her loyalty and dedication to her clients (and an obsession with fitness) make her a trusted resource and brand steward. Not afraid to roll her sleeves up or share a new idea, Sarynna puts the brand and the right thing first. Incredibly organized, she’s strong yet approachable.



Brian’s a Digital Superhero with a great origin story. Since his parents bought their first desktop in 1995, Brian has been creatively developing websites, art and designs. A passion for design and innovation continues to fuel a skill set that was primarily self taught. Brian looks at life through a different lens than everyone else, and our agency’s and client’s lives are better off for it. Country music, nerd culture and client results are a few of the things that Brian lives for.



Dependability. Meaningful and measurable results. These are a few of the hallmarks of Christy Mulberger. She was blessed with the innate ability to draw insights out of data. The blessing for our clients is that she translates that into powerful strategies and reports that us normal people can understand. Her ability to make numbers relatable is a breath of fresh air for our team and clients, and she’s the exact same way personally. She’s thoughtful, honest and transparent. The way good digital marketing analytics should be. Except for her being a Penn State fan, she’s perfect for our agency and your brand.



Alex is a decisive, driven and dedicated digital marketer. With her sleeves rolled up and a team-first mentality, she brings an insatiable appetite for learning, ice cream, country music and digital marketing to work every day. Alex is one of those people who excels in a trial by fire, and is constantly searching for new trends in technology and how brands make real connections. Whether she’s working out or optimizing a client’s AdWords campaign, she pushes herself to deliver maximum impact with ruthless efficiency.
That’s just how she rolls.



An entrepreneurial spirit with an unrelenting tenacity, Dan leaves it all on the field on behalf of our clients and his teammates. Experienced in coding and developing digital technology, he’s a hustler that Jay-Z would be proud of and he’s the type of person you’d want to babysit your kids. He’s also ambidextrous,
a die-hard Bills fan and believes in people over profit.



What do you get when you cross Wonder Woman with a creative, strategic thinker that just gets things done? Anja, that’s what. She seeks out adventure when delivering on behalf of our clients or when living her daily life. But not recklessly… Her thoughtfulness and attention to detail is the difference, It keeps budgets running with cool efficiency and creative messaging coming in hot when engaging client audiences. She’s got a lot of love for consumer behavior and how to influence, but not so much for sharks or procrastinating. If you were starting a team to get things done right, she’ll be your first choice
(and maybe to catch a ‘Cuse hoops game with, too).



If you crossed George Carlin with Gronk, injected some thoughtful intelligence and threw in a whole bunch of creativity, you’d get the foundation for our man Marco. He has a penchant for emotive storytelling, and believes communication in all forms should be positive and thought-provoking. An adventurer by nature, he approaches life and business with fearlessness and adaptability. He’s a great person to have on your side, whether it’s at a concert, in a foxhole or developing an SEM campaign.



A wanderer at heart, Jessa’s curiosity and passion for exploring make her an invaluable resource for our client’s organic search optimization. Fanatical about marketing and enthusiastic about life, she is a true believer in art, creativity and digital marketing. Fresh, fashionable and forward-thinking, you can find her practicing aerial, pouring over a client’s website or finding other ways to harness her creativity. Whether it’s on a dance floor, through a camera lens or all over Search Engine Result Pages, Jessa constantly pursues new ways to express herself and our
clients’ brands.



Never settle. Stay hungry. These are the words of House DeHaan. His creative talent is only matched by his knack to lock in like a sidewinder missile. The rare combination of immense ability and being a sincere, approachable human, Connor is driven by elevating art and design. A bit of an old soul, he doesn’t rest until he’s done right by the brand he’s working on. Whether he’s shredding powder on the slopes or rocking out to Lynard Skynard, you can rest assured that he’s doing it with
all his heart.